Movie Synopsis

The first film of its kind, THE AFGHAN SOLUTION, is the story of a people left behind by their newly minted government. Examining the history behind the current conflict in Afghanistan, it exposes the results of broken commitments and ever changing military strategies. It is a powerful and informative warning about the dangers of imposing a centralized authority on a complex and multi-ethnic nation. This film is a wake-up call: Afghanistan can either move toward a true democracy or once again fall into the clutches of the cruelest tyranny in its history – the Taliban and al Qaeda.

Told from the streets of Kabul, the mountains of the northern tribal regions, and halls of Congress, THE AFGHAN SOLUTION is the only film to investigate the conflict by talking to the people who have lived it. It is a story told by Afghan politicians, citizens, warlords, and tribal leaders, as well as American Special Forces, NATO's ISAF brass, UN Mediators, and NGO personnel. This candid account of a fragile nation building experiment is essential viewing for everyone - from students and scholars to policy makers, veterans, and American voters.